Update: the challenge is over...

While being a bit lost on the Kazachstan steppes we came in an area with very bad roads - or better said tracks. While trying to get out of there we hit a sharp rock and the oil pan was teared open. After a 3 hours walk came back in "civilazation". The car appeared not to be repairable in a short time frame. So the challenge ended there. Flew an hour south to Chimkent to meet up with the other challenge takers and drive with them the last day to Bisjkek and still go to the Orphange. We can only give them de raised money; the toys etc are with the car donated to a local school in Kachazstan. Also here there was an orphanage....

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Welcome on the website of Team Flying Dutchmen

Team Flying Dutchmen will this year participate in the 2011 London Tashkent challenge. 2011 London Tashkent Challenge is a road trip, initiated by a couple British lads and travels from London to Central Asia. This year’s road trip is number trip number 6 and the goal of the trip is collecting money and goods, and to deliver that to an associated local Central-Asian orphanage. In our case the name of the challenge is slightly misleading as the start for Team Flying Dutchmen will not be in London, but Staphorst, The Netherlands. Neither will this year’s finish be in Tashkent, Uzbekistan but Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Enough orphanages in the region to chose from....
In case circumstances allow Team Flying Dutchmen will after Bisjkek continue driving to Ulan Bator; The capital of Mongolia. Just to see if we can (and as possible new finish location for next year’s edition). The challenge is simple. Start driving in Staphorst, The Netherlands on Augustus 4th and keep doing that for 17 days and end up in Bishkek, Kyrgystan. Donate the car and handover the fundraised money. See what they do with the money and fly back to The Netherlands.

The trip is about 5000 miles or 8000 kilometer long. This is the same distance from New York to Seattle, to San Diego and halfway back East to Denver, Colorado - but then over roads that are for 70% of the time dirt roads or roads you have a hard time finding the tarmac between the potholes. As said in case we have enough energy and are not bored driving yet, we might drive to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. A 1500 miles (2600 kM) more over gravel roads.

Of course this is trip is about adventure seeking but at the same time doing something what matters: trying to help the orphan kids of Bishkek.

On this page is the introduction. On the next page the team and car are introduced. Then the possible route is in detail reviewed. News and other updates will be frequently updated on the news page. In order to give the Orphan kids in Bishkek something extra a donation and sponsor possibility is added to this site. The final menu option is for contact details and links to relevant information.

THE RULES from the unorganisers
Please note that most rules can be bent, broken or adjusted to reflect changing circumstances!
1. Competing cars must cost less than £250.
2. Once the rally is underway there will be no formal assistance from the organisers in any way. Teams are on their own.
3. All vehicles that make it to Bishkek will be signed over to a local charity representative who will arrange for their disposal on behalf of the charity.
4. Only two people per team. This is in order that when cars fall at the wayside there's sufficient space that people can grab a lift and finish the trip. There is a 30% fall-out rate.